Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GPP Crusade #10

So I killed two birds with one stone with the GPP Street Team Crusade No. 10 and the Create a Connection Hometown Swap for the month of July.

I will post pics of my hometown swap stuff SOON (although you can see what I made here). When I sent out my swap item to Nina I stenciled and spray painted the box for the GPP Street Team Crusade No. 10. Here are pictures of my box. I just love mail art and wish I did more of it so this was a great crusade for me! Thanks Michelle for your crusades! They are awesome!


michelle ward said...

jess - don't you love when you can make two things happen at once? so cool you could join in the crusade and make a funky package to go with your awesome gift. nina posted about it on the team site before you did! the enthusiasm is infectious...keep it going! love the close-ups of the terrific textures on this box! thanks for playing.

Xanthe said...

I would love to get this box! What would my mail carrier say!