Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School, Art, and the Inbetween

My last 2 weeks: (in no particular or cause and effect order)
Shelter building, essays, globe lab, sparking more interest in rock climbing, new routes, knives, expullsion, worry about students, simplifying my goals, frustration, whining, working my butt off on field trip, always the complaining, feeling used, no new shirts, just 3 days with kids this week, dancing with a giant puffy globe, caving soon...but I can't really remember what I did in class 2 weeks ago. If I don't remember, why should the kids?

BUT I have made progress on the bathroom. More on that tomorrow...it is good and creepy and will make a great halloween post. Until the cute kids are knocking on my door...goodnight.

1 comment:

Cabs said...

They can remember b/c they do 1/4 of what you do in any given week :-)
Have fun in the forest tomorrow! And caving....this week?? Hope it isn't tooooo cold in those wet caves.