Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting Gothic on Halloween

I have been steadily chipping away at my grand plans for a Gothic/Poe, slightly creepy bathroom. My goal was to finish by halloween, but that is not the case (this will have to do for GPP Street Team Crusade #13). There are some small decorating details that need to happen and the sink and faucet on the vanity must be replaced still. I found an old marble vanity top that fits perfectly and went ahead and bought exactly what I wanted for an undermount sink and faucet. That's all I will say for now...wait in anticipation for the final post.

Much progress had been made since I last posted pics of my materials and some shots of the metalic paint.

The light fixture is by Meyda from their Mica Missions Collection. I wanted a dimmer and orangy glow and that is what I got.

The paint is a Ralph Lauren metallic in Thatcher Green. I matched it with an overall bronze-brown color to match oil-rubbed bronze fixtures that are planned but not in yet.

The birds are the Poe thread in the gothic, slightly creepy theme. Two little black birds cling to the vine-like metal votive holder on the wall and a big black crow stands currently on the back of the toilet.

The key on the back of the toilet was a perfect find! Etsy Storque featured Vital Industries with their toilet decals and I knew I had found another luxurious necessity for the room. I messaged the shop owners and in the end they designed the skeleton key decal for my room specifically, although now the key is available in their store.

Among the materials I laid out last post was lace and a shower curtain. I tea-dyed the lace and then stitched it all onto the shower curtain with turquoise top-stitching. It is splendid!

For window treatments I went with a ricepaper shade layered with a section of brown silky fabric that I raggedly nailed into the woodwork with big, old-fashion nails you find in general stores or Old Sturbridge Village. I tugged at some of the stray threads to make it a tad more ragged.

Here are my birds in more detail. The big crow is sitting on a stack of books (Poe & Dickinson). I want to put her on a shelf at some point. I made her a pearl and skeleton key necklace on satin ribbon to give her a little more humor. When the crow was first in the bathroom it gave both my husband and I momentary heart failure despite having put her there.

And what would a creepy bathroom be without a mirror self-portrait?

When the other major pieces come together I will do a final post. And then there will be other rooms in the house...


michelle ward said...

wow jess! what a cool bathroom! now there's something we haven't seen on the street team yet :) love your colors and of course your POE theme. clever photo in the mirror. love the rose tie-back thingie. thanks for sharing with the goth crusade!!

PocketSize said...

That may be the coolest home bathroom EVER. Though I'm such a scaredy-cat that I don't think I could use it. But that just means it's well done! I particularly love the shower curtain and the crow on the top of the toilet :)

The Dabbler said...

I am enchanted by your bathroom--the colors are perfect and all the Poe touches are ingenious (when are books in any room not brilliant?)!! Makes me want to repaint my bathroom!

A crusader-in-training,

Cabs said...

Absolutely love how this is coming together. It looks wonderful at night in the mica and candle light. I can't wait to see that marble vanity top and the "special sink and faucet." fun!!!!!

Scrappy Moments said...

Wow What Cool Decorations, I like it Jess. How Fun, Great Bathroom. I am enjoying your blog :) Please stop by Mine

Hope you had a Great Halloween!

(Your Swap Partner In The Deck The Halls Swap)

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

I LOVE your BATHROOM!!! I those colors....I want to know your painting techique!! WE have a little Design shop here that's super cool like what you have I just can't afford them!....I've done some faux finishes..and Really Love it! I am trying to do my Laundry room as a Victorian conservancy or Garden room with a terra cotta tile floor we just put hubby is finally letting me go wild with color...I've been working on him for Years! SO I'm in search of techniques.....

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Daniel said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would drop a note to say, cool bathroom. I am teaching myself to build furniture and I am always looking for ideas. I wondered if you had any pictures of furniture you have built.

Best of luck!!